Mz Services Manager

Mz Services Manager

Mz Services Manager is a small, simple, easy-to-use application
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Mz Services Manager is a program to enable, disable and optimize Windows Services.
Once you have launched the program, it will display a list with details about your Windows Services. The information provided is the name, status, startup type and path of each service. By clicking over a service you will see its description and dependencies on the lower end of the screen. Right-clicking over a service will allow you to refresh its information or change the status to start, automatic, manual or disable. If you're using Window Vista, you will also be able to set the "Delayed Auto Start" status to the service. These options will also be available on the upper left panel of the program, along with the "Optimize Services", a function that will only work in Windows Vista. This option will let you to fine tune your Windows and Network services to optimize the performance of your system. You will be able to create a profile that can be used in other machines. If they have Mz Services Manager installed, they will be able to load your saved profile, and use it in that PC.

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